What is so cool about a YOUR COMIC WORLD.COM comic?

YOUR COMIC WORLD.COM comics are a perfect gift, and the best way to get away from it all. They transport your subject into another reality, a better reality, where Mom can use her superpowers to juggle her career and kids and George's super finesse will help him make that hole in one. They immortalize and celebrate the life and times of the people you care about in a fun and uplifting way, and create a lasting testament to how much you care for them.

What is a good occasion for giving a YOUR COMIC WORLD.COM comic as a gift?

There are a variety of occasions for the giving of a YOUR COMIC WORLD.COM comic: Birthdays, promotions, retirement, Mother's, Father's, or Boss' Day. They make a super Christmas gift, or top salesman or employee of the month or year award.

What kind of superhero will my comic feature?

Though your comic need not be super-heroic, if you choose a superhero comic your comic's hero can be drawn from your description of the subject. His or her interests, quirks and inclinations, as supplied by you, can dictate the sort of hero he or she will become. A habitual fast driver, runner or talker may become the Flashdude, a swimmer: AquaGreg etc. Of course you can also just tell us who you see him or her as, so If you see your husband as Batman, Just stand back and watch him become "BatFred" in his "NissanMobile".

Or perhaps you just want to see a comic version of a crazy weekend, vacation, first meeting, or the story of a marriage proposal that went off the path a little.

Are superheroes and wild stories the only subjects of YOUR COMIC WORLD.COM comics?

Of course not. The only limitation is your imagination. (Even THAT isn't a limitation because you are welcome to borrow ours). For instance, how about movies? There are several popular movies that provide a rich satire canvas for a YOUR COMIC WORLD.COM comic. If you see your subject as one of the starring roles in a fun satire of a movie, just let us know which movie and what part, and we'll make it happen. You might even see them in one particular scene. Just tell us what it is.

Will my comic be in color?

Yes, all YOUR COMIC WORLD comics come in color unless otherwise specified. You can request grayscale or sepia tone, and even specify a main color theme for the comic, if you are concerned about the color theme of decor where it is intended to hang.

What will I get when I order a YOUR COMIC WORLD.COM comic?

You will receive a full color beautiful print of your comic, rolled and mailed in a sturdy tube, ready to mat and frame, as well as a high resolution computer file, via online download, that can be used for output at very large size, or sized down for web publication, wallpaper, or as an email to share the fun with others. It's your comic; spread it around.

What about framing?

Your Comic World comics are fine artwork, (yes, they are!), intended for framing, so they are sized to fit within the 11"X14" window of a standard 16"X20" double mat and frame. This allows you to choose an appropriate, beautiful, and economical standard size frame for yourself, or to choose custom matting and framing. We no longer offer framing, due to breakage and other shipping concerns.

Other size options are also available for those who wish to see the comic larger or smaller. Just tell us what size you want it to be, and we'll make it happen.

Can you do a comic about a group of people, or a family?

Yes! Group comic strips can be a lot of fun! They require more space though, and of course more figures, so while the standard 8 panel strip will handle single subjects and couples, a larger 12 panel custom comic is required to handle larger groups. Contact jr@yourcomicworld.com for more information, and specific pricing of large group, and 12 panel comics.

How much will my comic cost?

An average 8 panel color comic, with high resolution file transfer, beautiful 11"X14" print, shipping and handling, is $700, plus sales tax for California residents. A larger 12 panel comic is $1,100.

How much input do I have in the creation of my comic?

You have a HUGE say in the creation of your comic! You are the originator and starting point of it. In the "order information" section of the website we recommend that you tap into your creativity and be as wild and funny as you can when describing your comic subject. If you want to see the subject hitting a tennis ball into orbit, tell us. If you see him or her as a particular movie, or super character, just let us know. It's YOUR comic, and we want you to be blown away by it. The one caveat is that once the order is processed, and the sketch okayed, (1 round of correction only), no further changes can be made.

What if I'm not the creative, hands on type, and I want to leave the wild stuff up to you?

We work very well with just the facts. Don't worry if you don't think of yourself as creative. We are trained professionals, with the ability to find interest and humor in EVERYTHING, so there is no need to learn to write comedy, or study comics before ordering. Just tell us what's great about the person who's being immortalized, and we will do the rest.

How will I pay for my comic?

We currently accept personal or certified checks, money orders, and paypal. Work on the comic will begin as soon as the check clears. Sorry, but there are no refunds once the order has been processed.

How long will it take to do my comic?

The standard turnaround time for a YOUR COMIC WORLD.COM comic is four to six weeks from receipt of order and payment. If you need your comic early, a rush service is available. Just contact jr@yourcomicworld.com with your desired delivery date.

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